The vacation is over. Ready to improve your IT environment for the upcoming years?

Many companies started again with their new business year and are looking for a good infrastructure to facilitate their business. We here at MYCO Suite also feel that small / medium sized businesses are taking a professional infrastructure more serious than ever before. More companies are now used to the cloud and ready to collaborate online. 

The only question is on how to start. 1 solution, or multiple? How to deal with Email, Calendars, Google, Outlook etc?

We help new customers on a daily basis with answering these questions and also by showing why it is handy to have all information in one location instead of using multiple solutions. 

MYCO Suite is covering most of the activities of SME's and facilitating collaboration for the entire team. If you like to learn more about MYCO, you can create a free trial account on our homepage. You can also contact us to help you with a screensharing session where we can explain all your questions about online collaboration.

Posted by MYCO Support on 25 August 2013
CRM System
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