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MYCO Suite has 2 types of accounts. 1 is for free (the basic subscription) the other is a 15$ per user account (Premium subscription).

For freelancers and other one person companies, MYCO Suite is very handy to keep track of the time sheet, the customer database, proposals and invoices. The system can be used for free. If you want to use the fancy features such as company blog, live chat, and have access to some exports you might consider spending a 15$ per month for having access to the entire system and at the same time get some extra disk space.

For companies with more employees. After the 7 day trial, you can subscribe to the premium account for 15$ per user per month. You will have access to all the functionalities.


The main difference between the accounts are:

* Updated 19-01-2012

  Trial Basic
CRM (Company database) Yes Yes Yes
Sales Yes Yes Yes
Finance Yes Yes Yes
HR Yes Yes Yes
Project management Yes Yes Yes
Company blog No No Yes
Workspaces / document management Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat No No Yes
Product template Yes Yes Yes
Mileage registration No No Yes
Generate pfd proposals Yes Yes Yes
Download pdf proposals Yes Yes Yes
Generate pdf invoices Yes Yes Yes
Download pdf invoices Yes Yes Yes
Generate invoices from proposals Yes  Yes  Yes
Generate invoices directly from hour registration No No Yes
Invoice and proposal colour customization Standard Standard Choose
Mailchimp integration No No Yes
LDAP integration No No Yes
* iPhone (exp Feb '12) will be downloadable for free. Will follow same Basic and Premium logic as the web application. Yes Yes Yes
Import contacts from LinkedIn Yes Yes Yes
Import contacts from Outlook Yes Yes Yes
Import contacts from Gmail / Google contacts Yes Yes Yes
Import vCards Yes Yes Yes
Import contacts Yes Yes Yes
Share projects with other companies Yes Yes Yes
Share workspaces with other companies Yes Yes Yes
Number of users 20 users 7-days  1 user max  15$ per user per month
Disk space 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB per user

Export cost list (xls)

No No Yes
Export revenue list (xls) No No Yes
Export VCards No No Yes
Export time reports (xls, pdf) No No Yes
Export contacts No  No Yes
Export companies No No Yes
Email setup No No Yes


Posted by MYCO Support on 24 November 2010
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