MYCO Suite is looking for business partners

MYCO Suite has experienced benefits from collaborations with partners in the past and is taking the partnership strategy one step further. We are now actively looking for business partners that will reinforce the commercial side of MYCO. Partners will of course be enjoying various benefits. Partners will also be added to the soon to be released partner page. If interested you can send us an email to

The main functions that partners fulfill are:


1) Get us closer to customers for implementations, training and workshops.

2) Are in close contact with our technical team to discus / brainstorm about our API strategy.

MYCO Suite business partner

Who fits the profile as partner:

- Resellers of Google Apps (MYCO Suite also integrates with Google Apps)

- Resellers of Competing products (Extend your portfolio to be able to offer your customer a choice)

- Designers and Joomla / Drupal consultants. (Connect MYCO with the Commercial website of clients)

- Developers (Build your dashboards on top of MYCO, connect other tools to MYCO. API involvement)

Do not hesitate to contact us at:


Posted by MYCO Support on 22 June 2013
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