MYCO Suite Blog en Wed, 23 Nov 2011 19:30:47 -0800 Important fix released today: Chinese language support There was an issue with Chinese character support. This is now resolved. 2014-02-11T09:34:00.000Z MYCO Support New Release: Standard projects can set a time budget We released a very simple feature today. It is now possible to set time budgets on standard projects. This means that you can add a time budget which counts down according to the time spent on the project.  2014-02-08T09:26:00.000Z MYCO Support January: New Features this month   Some new features that have gone live in January: - Automated number assigning to new accounts - Snelstart and Accountview export / integrations - Customer number visible on invoices - Multiple event planning improvements 2014-01-30T09:28:00.000Z MYCO Support The MYCO Suite Team wishes you a Happy 2014! 2013 has been a great year in terms of adding another vertical to our product. MYCO Suite supports course and event planning companies with a whole range of features such as course planning, Course calendar, certificate printing, 2014-01-05T09:20:00.000Z MYCO Support The vacation is over. Ready to improve your IT environment for the upcoming years? Many companies started again with their new business year and are looking for a good infrastructure to facilitate their business. We here at MYCO Suite also feel that small / medium sized businesses are taking a professional infrastructure 2013-08-25T13:37:00.000Z MYCO Support MYCO Suite new layout and new global search We have just released a new layout for MYCO Suite creating even a better and cleaner overview of the solution as a whole. One of the main parts of the new release is the improved search function which allows users to search on; 2013-07-30T04:26:00.000Z MYCO Support Setting the privileges for employees with ease Managing the privileges of a user can be done in the HR module. In the employee overview you have your colleagues and for each one of them you can set their privileges. You can click on the name of an employee and go to that persons 2013-07-17T00:33:00.000Z MYCO Support MYCO Suite is looking for business partners MYCO Suite has experienced benefits from collaborations with partners in the past and is taking the partnership strategy one step further. We are now actively looking for business partners that will reinforce the commercial side 2013-06-22T05:30:00.000Z MYCO Support